We've been buying cars and trucks, all over the country, online, from individuals just like yourself, for over 20 years. Offering more than our competition, coming to you within 48 hours to pickup your vehicle, with full payment issued before you hand over the keys. Get more money with less hassle for your vehicle today!
    When you make a deal with Auto Match, you can be assured that the deal we offer is the deal you get! Many dealers will give you an “offer” over the phone in attempt to get you to bring your car to their dealership, only to change their offer amount drastically once you’re there. When our driver comes to finalize your deal, a pinpoint sized stone chip isn’t going to alter our agreed price. With Auto Match our final offer amount is 100% the amount you get!
    Benjamin Franklin once said that “Time is Money” and at Auto Match we pride ourselves in making the most out of your most valuable asset, in more ways than one. Our driver can be at the pickup address of your choice with full payment, within 24 hours of us making a final offer on your car. Unlike private party buyers, we don’t need to attempt to obtain financing for your car, nor do we need to “ask the spouse” for approval. If you’re talking to us you can know that we both want your car and have the financial means to purchase it. Save yourself from the time and headache dealing with tire kickers when you chose to sell your car to us.
    Our payments come exclusively from our bank JP Morgan Chase which is the largest bank by assets in the country. When we say full payment we mean exactly that, money in your bank account fully accessible to you before your hand over the keys and the title. With us you choose how you get paid, whether that be with a Chase Bank certified cashiers check, or an electronic wire from Chase, whichever works best for you is what works best with us. Even if you have a current loan or lien on your vehicle, we will pay it off.
Dealerships and large buying companies will only issue payments in the form of a company check (same as a regular check), or a bank draft, both of which take a minimum of 10 days to clear to your account. Even then they will only issue their check/draft after they have taken full possession of your vehicle with all the paper work signed. With us you get the full funds in your account, before doing as much as signing the title or handing over the keys.
We use the best evaluation tools available in order to get you the best offer available. Unlike most dealers we work off small profit margins, on a large volume of deals. We don’t buy the 300+ vehicles a month that we do by lowballing our sellers. Where as most companies make an average of $3,000 to $5,000 profit from each vehicle they sell, we make an average of $500 to $1,000 and pass the extra profit onto you!
Our prices are fixed for some standard services and we offer discounts for regular clients. Also, we ask our new clients about their birthday and prepare cool presents.
We hold ourselves accountable to getting you the best offer, in the most efficient and professional manner possible. To us it’s the little things that matter, things like; how well taken care of your vehicle is, when you need the deal completed by, will you need a ride home by our driver after the deal. When you choose Auto Match, you get a personally assigned Purchasing Consultant to answer every question you may have, take your every call, and walk you through step by step from that first phone call until the deal is done.

Don’t take our word for it — here’s what our clients say:

  • Sarah Lewin
    Project manager
    Hands down the easiest transaction regarding a car I’ve ever experienced. This is actually the second car I’ve sold to them. Will bought my Jeep Wrangler mid to late last year and we just connected over the phone. I had my doubts but he put me at ease after explaining their process. Deal went smooth as butter so when it came time to sell my Pilot I never even posted it for sale, called Will, he outbid the two dealer buddies’ offers I had within seconds, and they picked it up same week. I told him this because it’s the truth, I won’t sell a car to anyone else!
  • Gregory Tabot
    These guys are the real deal! They bought both my Porsche Macan and my F-350 at the same time! Set up the deal with me and the very next day just like they said their drivers Mike and Jesus were at my doorstep. They checked over the cars, had the wire for almost $100,000 sent and waited out with me for an hour until it cleared. Super legit, I couldn’t have been more pleased.
  • Jess Simpson
    Team lead in TBB
    Sold my Mustang to Auto Match and was very pleased with their professionalism. I was surprised and in disbelief to hear from a gentleman named Vlad that he would get me more money than my local Ford dealer offered me for my Mustang. Needless to say he meant business. They offered me $1,000 more than the dealership I bought it from did, flew their driver out, received their wire, and watched my baby drive off. Sad that she’s gone but couldn’t have been a better deal.
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